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I’m Impressed rather quite disturbed about the Sparrows !!!!

I remember pretty much that When I was young, being asked to get up early in the morning to study, I would come out sit on the steps of my house, the sound that would keep the day bright is not the Sun thats coming up,  but the chickling of the Sparrows, and they would be becoming busy as if they were going for their Job, rather their Job is to find their food for the day, Pretty Lucky ones…

The Sparrows are so lovely, that you would not see them sitting at one place. ” One moment — Did I said I got up early to study and talking about these Sparrows, YES… Ya It happens to me, I just forget my self anytime I see the wonderful things around me.

So What Made me to think about Sparrows now after grownup, Yes, the answer is nowadays I dont hear them so frequently at many places, Luckly in the place where Im residing now, I could hear them.

Parallely I was shocked to see and hear that these Sparrows were listed as Endangered Species in India. Oh My God Endangered…. I felt really bad, I need to do something, I need to save them, I need to do something, Yes definetly I need to do something for this, I will save them, I will protect them…… Huff…..Im running out of breath.

Ohh Ohh Cool down, being thinking so much Like this my inner mind said that first lets start studying about this.

For my surprise there are so many fellow friends who already dedicated their time and effort.

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Few facts about Sparrows

  1. They live in nests that are located under roofs, bridges and in tree hollows
  2. Although sparrows are not water birds they can swim to escape predators!
  3. They usually just take dust baths by splashing around in the dirt!
  4. Sparrows are around 14-16 cm long and weigh 27-39.
  5. They can fly at 38.5 km per hour and reach speeds of 50km an hour, but not for long.
  6. The sparrow will raise three nests of 3-5 eggs. Both male and female help to incubate the eggs for 12-14 days. The fledglings usually fly out after 15 days.
  7. The human connection to sparrows began 10,000 years ago.
  8. Sparrow pie was common in Britain in the First World War.
  9. There were 2 million frozen sparrows seized by customs in Rotterdam in 1993 on route to Italy!

Nature and Environment people refer the reason for the Sparrows being in the endangered species due to the following reasons.

Small Sparrows feed on insects, But since over usage of the insectiside and lagging of the nature dwelling for that, they were migrated and vanished.

Electromagnetic radiation from Cell phone and cell tower affects the birds, animals, plant and environment. One would never see a bee, sparrow, pigeon, or any bird flying and staying near the cell tower? The reason is that surface area of a bird is relatively larger than their weight in comparison to human body, so they absorb more radiation (power = power density x area). Since
fluid content is small due to less weight, it gets heated up very fast and also the magnetic field disturbs their navigational skills.

A house sparrow is associated with human habitation. Being very sensitive to changes in the environment, it is one of the most preferred indicator species of urban ecosystems. A stable house sparrow population indicates a healthy ecosystem for human beings in terms of air and water quality, vegetation and other parameters of habitat quality. Whereas, a declining population of the bird provides a warning that the urban ecosystem is experiencing some environmental changes unsuitable for human health in the immediate future.

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