see the world better!!! feel happy through eyes!!!



I have been interested in Photography since when I was in my Childhood days, the only change is that I was not affordable to buy a camera, and anytime when I asked my parents, the answer that I got was, ” Its a costliest hobby and its not fit for us, rather you concentrate on studies”, which was 100% right from my parents view, since those days the Digital Camera’s were very less, still very expensive If available also, so I rather followed my parents views and concentrated on the studies and could do reasonably good in that. 

But All I could do is not to kill my interest, so I was only gathering the pics which was speaking to me, After the Internet hitting the world in a massive ways and the social media networking started creating a larger impact, I thought that Im earning now and I should have a camera now, ” One of the stupid attitude that I had stopped me buying a Point and shoot camera rather than a better Canon550D-DSLR that I own now.

 Any action or a reaction would need a catalyst to speed up the action, In my life I was accidently bound to meet my good old school friend who was a very good photographer now, I never had clue that he was into this field, rather he never expressed like me in the school days, I was literally stunned by his pics, and decided to get a camera at that moment, and I got it. 

My better half is so much fond of my photography, whether I take some good or bad pics, her comment, critics and tons of gr8 appreciation is waiting for me always, which pumped my blood to drive the eyes better, and still thriving. 

Its a sweet journey that had started and continued in a passion that is very close to my heart and welcome you all to join me in this. 


Please download this file for testing of tamil attachment.

கீழ் கண்ட செய்தி இனயத்திலிருந்து பெறவும்



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